Fries Tallman Delivery Services

Our versatile fleet set us apart from our competition. Fries Tallman offers safe and reliable delivery services for all of Saskatchewan. Our trucks and equipment are kept up to date and regularly maintained to make sure we continue to provide the exceptional service our customers have come to know. We deliver a variety of products from lumber, insulation, shingles, windows, doors, and more. All drivers are trained and certified in Supervisor and Safety training and all crews have fall arrest training. 


Fries Tallman offers Boom Truck delivery services for rooftop delivery. We can also supply insulation, drywall and shingles for any large-scale projects requiring delivery services on multi-story projects. Boom trucks also aid in accessibility on more challenging job sites to ensure materials are placed safely and appropriately. Please call our sales desk for a quote. 

Curtain Side: 

Our curtain side trucks allow for the protected delivery of materials such as MDF Mouldings and interior doors in all types of weather. The side curtains allow for fast loading and unloading with easy access to materials from multiple directions. 


Our flatbed trucks can be used to efficiently deliver to homes, businesses, and construction sites. Whether it be lumber, decking, stone, steel…we can deliver safely and securely. Our flatbeds are equipped with Forklift Piggybacks to unload and can be used to place or move material around your site. These forklifts have a lift capacity of 5000 lbs. (about 2267.96 kg) and can even handle some off


Do you need a lot of material all at once? Our semis can deliver materials with 36’ or 53’ flat deck trailers or 36’, 48’ or 53’ enclosed van trailers that can be arranged to be left on site for customers to unload as they require. 

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