OSB & Plywood Products

Wall sheathing is primarily a structural material. It is attached to the exterior wall framing and prevents walls from swaying or bending. Builders use sheathing as a nailing base for siding, creating the walls of a building.

OSB - Oriented Strand Board Sheets

OSB Sheets

OSB is a widely used, versatile engineered wood panel made using waterproof heat-cured adhesives and rectangularly shaped wood strands that are arranged in cross-oriented layers.

Good one Side Plywood Sheets

Good one side

Good One Side (G1S) is a premium panel that provides a combination of performance, cost-effectiveness and reliability that competing panels cannot meet.

Formply - plywood boards


Formply is structural plywood overlaid on both sides with a resin-impregnated film that has been fused into the surface veneer under heat and pressure. The resulting surface proves to be resistant to moisture making it particularly suitable for repeated use in concrete formwork.

Fir Plywood

Fir plywood

Plywood made from Douglas fir is a softwood plywood that is available in a range of grades and ratings for a variety of applications.

Subfloor - MDF Boards


These products offer a smooth and blemish free surface.